Accompany your business growth

Offers many features and utilities to help optimize the purchasing process for your business demands. The characteristics of B2B customers are frequent purchases in large quantities and often. B2B Apps offers a wide range of products, detailed up-to-date pricing information, and real-time order management. In addition, the application has many personalization utilities, customer service support to ensure the best purchasing experience.

featured function

  • Easy registration and login
  • Change password and update information
  • Search products, track prices & inventory information
  • Quick order
  • Convenient reordering
  • Track delivery schedule and order status
  • Look up promotion information
  • Update news from the wholesale channel
  • Only qualified and approved customers can access the app
  • Personalized information for different groups of customers and users


  • Flowers Shop, flower & accessory stall in wet market
  • Companies & Enterprises need large quantities and often of flowers
  • Flower service partner


Very convenient application

With this application, I can order easily by phone with just a few taps and get updated information very quickly.

Ms. Thanh / Lan Thanh Business Household

Great progress

This is a new step doing business with Dalat Hasfarm indeed, this is also my expectation from Dalat Hasfarm recently to help our company quickly track prices and availability as well as the status of all orders.

Ms. Hong / New Horizons Company

Easy to use, quick to order

I was quite surprised when the first time I used the application it is very easy and I could order right away, from now on I can quickly update information and manage orders all on the App.

Mr Phong / Flower Shop 39

Faster, more convenient

The first step of using it to order flowers from Dalat Hasfarm on the phone is quite ok, can be ordered anytime, and the price is clear.

Mrs Phuong / Stand 12 - Ba Chieu Market